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Membership & Renewal Form

The game of Bowls Indoors or Outdoors is a sport enjoyed by both young and old, giving the player the satisfaction of spending several hours of enjoyment away from the pressures of modern day life. 

Walking up and down the bowling green during a game, the warm Sun in a clear blue sky with it's Vitamin D rays being absorbed by your body, bending down and picking up a bowl is a wonderful way off keeping fit together with healthy exercising, without the need to pay large Gym membership fees!

Should you like the idea of giving bowls a try, and would like to come along to the club and have a free session with a coach, we have qualified coaches available to give help and advice.  Having enjoyed your first experience and you would like to enrol for a five session course with one of our coaches, this can be arranged.  After which you will feel confident enough to join in with the rest of our club members.      

New bowlers will pay a membership fee of £10 to join the club in their first season.  This discount reflects that you will need to buy your own Bowls, Shoes and Clothing.  



2020 Outdoor Season Only Fee

August - September


September Only


There will be no rink fees during this season

Registration forms are available in the equipment shed at the club, and should be returned to the equipment shed, together with payment if by cheque or cash.  Payment by BACS is preferred.



Summer Season April - Sept


Rink fees:

£1.00 per person for 2 1/4 hr timed session

Winter Season Sept - April


Rink fees:

£2.50 per person for 2 1/2 hr timed session

£2.50 per person for Evening 3 hr timed session

£1.00 per hour per person for Roll Ups 


Summer Season April - Sept


Rink fees:

£1.00 per person per session

Social non - playing members £5.00 per annum

Visitors £2.50 per session restricted to 4 visits 

Must be signed into the visitors book by a member

Lockers for personal use £6.00 per annum 

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